Kindell Rochelle Stanley 2013Kindell’s awareness of her healing and clairvoyant abilities was awakened early in life. As a young child she felt that she had the ability to heal people and animals with her hands. This awareness led her into the expansion of her skills and her spiritual growth.  Kindell’s background in the wellness field began over 2 decades ago and in 2009 after having a deep spiritual awakening, she placed more emphasis on the healing arts.  Kindell studied with Dr. Darren Weissman fulfilling the Conscience Body Conscience Mind work and went on to study Vianna Stibal’s work in ThetaHealing where she is now a ThetaHealer Instructor and Practitioner.  Kindell is also a Reiki Master and a Registered Yoga Teacher.  She channels the Divine energy of the universe as well as the energy of love and light to co-create physical, emotional and spiritual transformations. Kindell has a deep connection with the Creative intelligence of the universe and brings this into her healing work while weaving in a unique gift of supporting and respecting clients and students individual belief structures. She has a very gracious ability to love those before her on their journey to health, self-empowerment, enlightenment and the path to love and light.

Other Skills:

  • Medical Intuitive
  • Remote healing
  • Remote Viewing
  • Angel readings